Diet Handbook

The Idiot Proof Diet Ebook is a downloadable book that comes in pdf format for you to read on your computer or print out. This handbook explains the types of calories and how you can manipulate them to lose weight. It explains how this is used and implemented in the Idiot Proof Diet. It also gives plenty of weight loss tips and what you should and should not do. It will explain the types of drinks you should be drinking in conjunction with your diet as well as condiments that can be used and which ones to not use. It will also go over how much water you should be drinking to lose weight and what to order when you go to a restaurant. It is a very information book in which I learned a lot of tips that I use daily. Just by using these tips, I have lost several pounds without having done anything else. When I applied these tips in conjunction with their diet, I lost a lot of weight in under a month. I lose 9 pounds in 14 days, and an average of 6 pounds each and every time I’ve done this diet.

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